Trevor demonstrating the "Thing"

Hello! My name is Trevor Ablett, and I'm a PhD student at the University of Toronto in the Space and Terrestrial Autonomous Robotic Systems Lab (STARS). I am being advised by Jonathan Kelly. My research interests include machine learning, reinforcement learning, and robotics. I am currently investigating methods for applying imitation learning and machine learning to manipulators to allow them to complete multiple tasks with a single policy.

I'm originally from Thornhill, Ontario, in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, not this). I've previously completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at McMaster University in the Hammer.

When I'm not working on research or progamming, you can usually find me engaging in some kind of physical activity (though I have preference for soccer and basketball), jamming out on either of my Larivée or Strat, working on my forever-rusty car, or exploring the world with my wonderful girlfriend/significantly better half Christina.

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